Welcome To Hai Phong

Hai Phong is a famous port city in North Vietnam, whose symbol is the phoenix flower, so it is also known as “the city of red phoenix flowers”. It also serves as a pleasant base when visiting other northeastern spots such as Cat Ba and Halong Bay. Many worthwhile places to visit in the city include temples, shrines, pagodas, and mausoleums. There’s also a beach and communal house that tourists often frequent. The town is known for a handful of festivals, including one on Do Son Beach, which attracts droves of spectators each year. Let’s explore Hai Phong city with Peony Edu Travel.


Destination Highlights

  • Do Son:

Do Son is divided into 3 zones, of which zone 2 specializes in swimming, zone 1 is for eating and walking. Along the coastal road, visitors can visit Hang Pagoda, which is handed down as the first place where Buddhism was introduced to Vietnam; Jade Emperor Temple; Van Ngang Temple.

Do Son has amusement parks and attractions such as Dragon Hill, Hon Dau and casino. Viewed from the map, Dragon Hill tourist area is designed in the shape of a phoenix flower – the symbol of the city.

  • Bao Dai villa

Don’t forget to visit Bao Dai villa on the hill with a view of 4 windy, cool directions right in the middle of summer. The villa is covered in the scent of flowers, creating a pleasant feeling when visiting. You can rent royal clothes to take pictures here.

  • Cat Ba Island

In addition to the above places, Cat Ba is the “jewel” of Hai Phong tourism that you cannot ignore to visit the bays, Monkey island and eat seafood.


Hai Phong is most famous for its street food. Tourists from the provinces choose food tours day trips to enjoy delicious Hai Phong dishes. Such as banh beo, banh da cua, banh mi que (breadstick), dua dam (coconut pickles), bun ca cay (spicy fish noodles), ốc (snails), tra hoa cuc (chrysanthemum tea), sui din, banh duc tau…

Banh mi que (Breadstick) is chosen by many people to buy as a gift because it is easy to carry, sandwiched with pate and dipped with spicy chili sauce. Also, banh mi que is the signature dish that every traveler must try when they come to Hai Phong.


Hai Phong is a big city with many facilities, so finding a place to stay here is not difficult. In the center of Hai Phong city, there are high-class and luxury hotels, located in prime locations, easy to move to places in the city. Besides, there is a variety of affordable apartments and homestays in the city. Concentrated in Cat Ba area Hai Phong has luxury resorts by the sea.


Visitors can buy tickets with direct flights to Cat Bi and Hai Phong airports. From Ho Chi Minh City, you can take flights of Bamboo Airways, Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet Air. In particular, Vietnam Airlines departs from Ho Chi Minh City in the afternoon and Bamboo Airways departs in the morning. Visitors can also fly to Hanoi and travel by road. From Hanoi, visitors can travel by train (usually only takes about 1.5 hours) or take a bus or rent a private car.


Hang Kenh is a long-established tapestry factory and is currently the country’s biggest exporter based in Hai Phong. Located on the southern side of Tam Bac Lake, it is included in most Hai Phong daily tour packages as a must-visit place.

As above, banh mi is a signature dish of Hai Phong. In particular, the pate to eat with bread sticks at the Cot Den market is famous for its distinctive and memorable taste. If people in other provinces come to Hai Phong, they will buy bread sticks and Cot Den pate as gifts. Therefore, the Cot Den market is a shopping destination you should not miss.