Welcome To Con Dao

A tiny archipelago off the southern coast, only a small number of travellers wind up in Con Dao. Much of the island is covered by the Con Dao National Park. Its dense jungle will give you ample chance to uncover a paradise of your own. Con Dao district is an archipelago off the coast of Ba Ria – Vung Tau. This 76-square-kilometer archipelago includes 16 islands, the largest being Con Son island. Con Dao is 185 km from Vung Tau, 230 km from Ho Chi Minh City, about 83 km from Can Tho.

Destination Highlights

  • Con Dao prison:

Con Dao prison system is on the list of 23 special national monuments. This “hell on earth” is the rendezvous point for a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

Visitors can visit the cluster of historical sites including the island lord’s house, Phu Hai prison camp, French tiger cage, American tiger cage. Pick-up time at historical sites is 7:30 am – 11:30 am and 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm during the day, including weekends and holidays. You should register or go with a group with an narrator to hear stories at the old prison.

  • Hon Bay Canh & Hon Cau:

Hon Bay Canh and Hon Cau are two familiar eco-tourism sites off Con Dao, including experiences of diving to see corals, visiting mangroves, and watching turtles lay eggs and release baby turtles in the right season.


Con Dao seafood you should find to enjoy are oc vu nang (her breast snail), oc non (cone snail), oc tai tuong (giant snail), oc ban tay (hand snail),  red lobster, tom mu ni, red grouper, muc mot nang (one-sun squid)… and all kinds of sea fish.

Specialties are sold a lot at Con Dao market, including fresh and dried seafood and souvenirs. Tourists like the most popular jam of almonds and earthen ginseng wine. Con Dao ginseng taste sweet, pungent, quite similar to Korean ginseng. Folks often take ground ginseng roots soaked in wine, chicken pot, duck stew…


Depending on the purpose of the trip, you can stay at a resort, hotel or motel, far or near the center of the island. If you want to relax, luxury resorts and hotels close to the sea, close to the forest, and have a private beach are the optimal choice. To easily explore the town and go to the pier early in the morning, you should stay at hotels and homestays in the center of the island.

Room rates in Con Dao range from 200,000 VND to more than 10 million VND. Visitors can also camp overnight in places authorized by the attraction management.


The plane is the most time-saving means of moving to Con Dao. Vietnam’s airlines are currently operating routes between Con Dao – Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh or Can Tho. From Con Dao airport to the town center about 15 km, you can take a motorbike, taxi or resort car. Besides, you can also take a car to Vung Tau and take a boat to Con Dao. This distance takes an average of 20 to 30 minutes. On the island, you can travel by taxi, tram, or rent a 12-16 seater car.